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You get music when you give music.

I‘m an autodidact multi-instrumentalist with a great passion for discovering sound, vocals, guitar, percussions, and the handpan.

In fact, I have no official musical training and have never been to music school, which may have given me the freedom to experiment and play in unconventional ways.

My influences come from various genres – from Brazilian music to oriental music, from progressive rock to death metal… and everything in between and around that.
In 2019, I played the handpan for the first time. Since then I have been fascinated, in love, and hypnotized by it and it has quickly become my main instrument.

In February 2021, I released my first composition on the handpan, the first piece of music in a live session “The Tuning of Earthquakes”, which was recorded in November 2020 in an old tower in Oldenburg, Germany.

Also in February 2021, I started my art and music project „Music for Plants“, which was published on March 12, and was broadcasted on several television programs. A television production with a dynamic program of musical and theatrical performances and a different type of audience than the traditional image of a human audience. This has been replaced by something else that reacts to vibrations in the same way as humans do. It is a concert for plants. 🌿

In “Music for Plants”, I performed two compositions with the handpan and one in collaboration with Pangea. I also performed with Yasminduft, a music project in which I play several instruments.

Music for Plants

Music for Plants

I’ve been playing with this idea in my head for months and months and now the time has come. I…

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