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Music for Plants

I’ve been playing with this idea in my head for months and months and now the time has come. I am very happy to have so many artists with me. We’ll be playing a concert for plants. But there will be not just a concert, but a dynamic TV-program with music and other performances.
Events by people for people have been rare in the last few months, because the corona requirements and the related distance regulations make it almost impossible to bring larger groups of people together. Both artists and the public are suffering from the current situation and want a return to normality. The El Liceu Opera House in Barcelona @liceu_opera_barcelona and the artist @eugenioampudia found a creative way to deal with the situation. Last summer there was a full house concert there, but the audience consisted of 2,292 potted plants. The idea was a celebration of an apparent reopening with a string quartet concert with musicians of the Opera House.

When I saw it, it was clear to me that I wanted to do it here too, but bigger so that I could offer artists a platform where they could show their work. And thus to offer artists the opportunity to generate high-quality material in the form of video and audio with which they can also present themselves in public.

Now there will also be a concert for plants in Oldenburg, because just like humans, they too react to musical vibrations and, for example, can grow better. The event was initiated by Me and I am the artistic director and co-organizer of the production . As a cooperation between the Theater Laboratorium Oldenburg e.V., @kulturgesichter0441 Blumen Cordes, Oldenburg Eins, the city of Oldenburg and various Oldenburg cultural workers, 182 plants will take place in the hall of the Theater Laboratorium in order to listen to the sounds of local musicians. The approximately two-hour concert will be recorded by a television team from the local broadcaster Oeins and broadcast on March 12th, 2021 from 9:00 p.m.

Big Thank to Oldenburg Eins (Sabine Monitor and Team) and Izabela Mittwollen for the great pictures!

Premiere: 12.03.2021 7pm (Berlin Time)

Next Stream: 14.03.2021 7pm and 11pm (Berlin Time)


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