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Everything starts in childhood, the first beautiful things about life and also everything else. I was fascinated with drawing and aesthetics. I spent hours between papers and pens, moving from line to line, from picture to picture, drawing and writing more and more precisely.

In 2012, I started practicing tattooing and taught myself how to tattoo and later worked in various studios in Germany.

In 2016, I opened my own tattoo studio with the name “Capt. Beasto Tattoo” in Rastede, a small town in Northern Germany.

In 2019, I was the first tattooist to be recognized as an artist by the BBK (a german association of professional visual artists).

To me, tattooing is a powerful and intimate moment of mutual trust. A choreography of giving and taking in the dynamic interaction of creative work.

My tattoo designs range from realism, dot-work (punctilism), and fine lines to further stillness that can be aesthetically tattooed on the skin.

Capt. Beasto Tattoo
Oldenburger Str. 265
26180 Rastede

Tel. +49 (0)157 736 358 90

Tattoo Collaboration

Tattoo Collaboration

A place for some collaboration and unconventional Tattoo Projects Art Exhibitions About my Exhibitions!„Kunst Statt Kommerz“„Neue Konturen“ – Oldenburg City…

Ready to get inked?

If you have an idea for collaboration, a project, or want to book me and get a tattoo appointment, simply send me a message.